[futurebasic] bad compiles, take two

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From: <Lucy24@...>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 15:02:59 EDT
Once again I had a run of bad compiles: code hopping off to the wrong address,
routines failing to execute, you name it.

CODE resources remain a closed book to me, but out of curiosity I had a look
at the STR# resources in the compiled application. (The vast majority of my
strings are in resources I create & organize myself, and they've never given
me a moment's trouble. But there are also text-input search strings, button
labels and so on, for which I've set the _strResource compile option.)

I found that in STR# 127, where the compiler puts strings extracted from code,
certain blocks of text had gone bad: missing altogether, or long clumps of
gibberish. Of course this explains why the expandInput function I posted a
couple weeks back wasn't working: the function came _after_ the point at which
strings started going bad, so when code checked the appropriate string
resource it didn't find the "N" or "SW" that should have been there. (But if
I'd typed just the right gibberish, it would presumably have been translated

So, Staz... Where is the compiler getting its garbage, and is there anything I
can do to prevent it?