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From: "Edwards, Waverly" <WEdwards@...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:17:28 -0400
I believe a few years ago By Design software had an equation evaluator.
I think they sold/still sell it for $69.95 (off top of my head).

The other thing you could do is you can read "C", I know there have been
a few articles in Dr Dobbs Journal, C Users Journal and there may have
been articles in MacTech on equation evaluations.  I can't say that I've
ever seen any in BASIC but it doesn't mean the code doesn't exist.


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	>I have a text field where a math statement like "2*x+3" or
"2*(x) + 3" is
	>I then want to evaluate this statement for certain values of x.
	>Is there a simple way of doing this?

	DEF FN yourfunc(exp1) = 2*exp1+3
	Y = FN yourfunc(5)

	Simple, eh? I remember when this was new to the Tandy CoCo...
	Only we had to define them fna through fnz and was limited(as I
remeber) to
	one parameter...

	See the help file under "DEF FN" for more info.

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