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From: MattBeedle@...
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 11:38:12 -0500 (EST)
See the FB gaming section.

Hi there everyone, I have a great NEW page on making games in Future BASIC.
Here are the 7 game source codes that are ready to download off my page;
Bouncing Boxes, Cubes, Matt's Game, SPOTZ Game, SCROLLING Game, Mr. Cat and
Madison's Cat, Fox Jump

What makes this page a great page? There are source codes for different
programming expieriance levels. The best games are SPOTZ Game and Fox Jump.
 But all games will help you.

Bouncing Boxes, Cubes, SCROLLING Game are sources for those who have never
made a game and just want to see it work.

Matt's Game is a simple game that has little charactars to play around with.

SPOTZ Game is a game that has the whole package!  Multiple levels, sounds,
background music, preferences!

I also added games I never finished,

Mr. Cat and Madison's Cat (25 levels) is the first game I ever tried to make.
 This is ~ NOT ~ MR. CAT'S QUEST.  This game is just for fun, poorly

Fox Jump is a game I never finished but is great and contains some of the
best source codes of all.

See the FB gaming section.

On the finishing note I would like to thank those that answered my questions.