[futurebasic] Tab to Edit Field?

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From: Michael Davey <mdavey@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 08:02:56 -0600
In a Program Generator project I am working on my son (aka the local Human
Interface Police) noticed something. I've always though that tabbing
between edit Fields should select everything in the field. It seems to work
that way unless:

1. you have content in an edit field
2. you click into the edit field, but not after the content

After this if you tab when it comes back to the edit field it is not
selected, but the point is at the point you left it.

1. Is this correct
2. Am I missing something simple
3. Is there a way to fix it if it's not correct

Thanks for any feed back

              Mike Davey   aka   MAC MAN Macintosh Graphics
               check it out at http://www.vbe.com/~mdavey