[futurebasic] Re: Tab to Edit Field?

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From: BMichael@...
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:56:10 -0500 (EST)
>I've always though that tabbing
>between edit Fields should select everything in the field. It seems to work
>that way unless:
>1. you have content in an edit field
>2. you click into the edit field, but not after the content
>After this if you tab when it comes back to the edit field it is not
>selected, but the point is at the point you left it.
>1. Is this correct
>2. Am I missing something simple
>3. Is there a way to fix it if it's not correct

I searched HIG, but it was silent on the two behaviors; here is all it 
said, and this was actually under "arrays & tables" rather than edit 

>Pressing the Tab key cycles the insertion point through the fields in an 
>order determined by your application. From each field, the Tab key selects 
>the "next" field. Typically, the sequence of fields is first from left to 
>right, and then from top to bottom. When the last field in a form is 
>selected, pressing the Tab key selects the first field in the form. The 
>user can press Shift-Tab to navigate in the opposite direction. That is, 
>Shift-Tab moves the selection back one cell. If there's a good reason, an 
>application may guide the user through the fields in some order other than 
>the order in which the fields appear on the screen. 

At a guess, I'd say _either_ behavior is "correct", and just to take 
whichever you get; I prefer "coming back where I was", rather than having 
to find my selection point again, so I wouldn't change it! If you 
_really_ need the "other" behavior, you'll need to stick in a SETSELECT 
0,32767 when the edit field is selected.