[futurebasic] Re: Still waiting for some magic cure...

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From: Brian Victor <bhv11@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 17:23:48 -0500
At 7:02 AM -0600 11/11/97, David Blache wrote:
>After looking through countless technotes, documents, sites, and
>archives, after hooking up two other modems to my machine, one half-way
>working, the other being a total bust, after making a call to Apple and
>getting nowhere, I still sit with OS 8 on my machine and am not able to
>use it because I cannot log onto the net with it.  What has this world
>come to???

I just had my first shot at OS 8 last night, working on a new powerbook for
someone.  The ISP he was using (actually a school district server) is
quirky and doesn't respond well to any PPP control panel's "normal" login,
especially OT/PPP's.  Even when I tried making a connect script using
OT/PPP I had to go in and manually adjust it.

However, it might be worth a shot... make a connect script and try using
that instead of the standard username/password combination.  There's a good
Apple Guide section describing the process.

That failing, I'll echo Joe's advice to give FreePPP a try.  I can't speak
for OS 8, but I've been very happy using it with 7.5.5 and OT for quite a
while now.

Hope this helps.

-- Brian Victor