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From: "David Cottrell" <David.Cottrell@...>
Date: 12 Nov 97 10:44:49 +1000
This is one of those potentially redundant exercises but my mail to the
list is constantly bouncing (4 bounces yesterday). Note: I don't use
Microsoft Mail!

The message is:

[005] The mail retry count was exceeded sending to
[015] There is insufficient disk space to send this message.

Microsoft Mail v3.0 (MAPI 1.0 Transport) IPM.Microsoft Mail.Note
From: David Cottrell
To:  futurebasic@...
Subject:  [FB] XREF - Records - returned posting
Date: 1997-11-10 22:59
Priority: 3
Message ID: 3655E641025AD111A31C0000C0E886B7

Anyone having similar problems?  Are any of my mails getting through?

I've been trying to reply to Ricks comments on my XREF problem but it's
difficult not knowing what is getting through.

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