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From: "L. Frank Turovich" <turovich@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 97 20:26:41 -0500
>It works a lot better when you use fixed length, but alas it wastes
>incredible amounts of space. I found that by building line pointers for it,
>I speeded up the combsort a whooping amount. I didn't realize the quicksort
>was actually faster though.
Yep, she do waste space, but you can minimize that by using a fixed 
length less than 255 chars but large enough to hold your longest 
anticipated string.. 

>If you come across the QS code, send it along cause the only sort routines
>I ever wrote were in Z80 assembly...;-)

Well, it wasn't on any of my backup CD's so no idea where it may have 
gone to.

Happy coding -- Frank

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