[futurebasic] Re: Still waiting for some magic cure...

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From: Joe Kovac <locality@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 22:25:36 -0400
Some of you had the exact opposite experiences I've had. I've never once
crashed doing any internet type thing on my mac with FreePPP. (well my new
one anyway.) By contrast I just couldn't get OT/PPP to work at all. I had
to throw out OT and install it without PPP and then add FreePPP before I
could get it to work.

As for connection scripts, my ISP seems to work both ways. I had to make a
connection script because "Automatic Logon" or something like that suddenly
stopped working. It would just sit there dumbfounded after the modem

Not meaning to step on anyone who likes OT/PPP, whatever works for you is
good. Doesn't it seem odd how often now a piece of software that works fine
on one machine is entirely wacko on another anymore? I guess there's just
so many different system configurations today where there wasn't before.

Joe K.