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From: ARD Screen <ARDScreen@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 14:07:17 EST
I have been a developer for almost 30 years, much of it in a corporate
environment.  The thing that disturbs me most is all the rationalizations of
why it is OK to glom a free copy of something.  There are those in the Far
East that are making money on this at the developer's expense.  

I may be accused of being a bit too pious but stealing is stealing.  "I'm a
poor student and can't afford it anyway" is one if the lamest excuses I have
ever heard.  If that student were to go to the bookstore and take a camera or
an expensive book, for example, because they "couldn't afford it", then I
don't think the judge would be amused.  What ever happened to personal
honesty, integrity and responsibility??  I guess I'm getting old..........

Just my 2 cents.........

Dick Dressel    ;  > 

(ARD Screen@...)