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From: Jeff Hoffman <jeff@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 97 09:25:46 -0600
For all you "soon to need a battery" folks (and Victor), here's a bit of 
info I dug up for some clients:

URL for Macintosh Logic Board Battery Info:


There are 2 types of batteries in common use, one is the 3.6 volt, 850 
mAh "1/2 AA" size Lithium battery, used in most systems since the compact 
Mac days, the other is a rectangular 4.5v Alkaline battery held to the 
logic board with velcro (used on the Tanzania motherboard and others).

Here are some common part numbers for the 3.6v Lithium battery:

Radio Shack   23-026
Tadiran       TL 5101
Maxell        ER3S
SAFT          LSL3
Sonnenshein   SL-150

The only part number I've got for the 4.5v battery is: Rayovac 840. There 
are probably other equivalent batteries for this as well...

I have found these at Radio Shack, MicroCenter and other places. Some 
CompUSA and Computer City stores don't have them on the racks, but you 
can ask for them at the Service Desk.

One word of caution: if you're going to replace the battery yourself, 
make darn sure to put the new battery in the same direction (polarity) as 
the old...you'll regret it if you don't...