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From: "Yates, Phil" <YATESP@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 97 16:15:00 PST
Mel Patrick wrote :

> Or can you build a window, use PICTURE ON/OFF to capture the plot and make 
> a picture from it, even if the window won't fit on the screen ?

Yup, there are no limits. just make sure the clipping region is big enough. 
My current record is a picture that's over 15 x 15 feet, which I draw and 
then save as a PICT resource.

> And anyone have any good ways to do enlargments or reductions while still
> maintaining the integrity of the original chart ?

Well, you can constrain the PICTURE box, but I don't like doing that as you 
can't read it when it's squished up. I prefer to take the picture at standard 
resolution, and use the numeric or cursor keys to pan the picture in the 
window. Again, I use a large offscreen GWorld, and then whack this across to 
the screen at the user's preferred location.

As an example, one of my apps has a 4000 x 4000 pixel GWorld, and you can 
achieve _very_ smooth scrolling just by taking the chunk of this that you 
want and sending it over to the screen, moving it as you get a key event.

> Lastly, I'll probably need to print this chart in reduced to fit mode. If
> its plotted at 72 dpi, can you change that to 144 dpi to print (Canvas used
> to have this capability) ?

Just change the Picture coordinates when you print it - try it with a small 
PICT rsrc to see the effect.

Hope this helps.

Phil Yates