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From: "David Cottrell" <David.Cottrell@...>
Date: 11 Dec 97 16:01:12 +1000
I know Mel is not a PG user - but you can pinch some great FN's from the
PICT filter to do most of the scrolling and stuff (this is what I am

One simple thing that is bugging me though is passing a rectange
co-ordinates between functions. That is why doesn't this work:

Local FN setToWindow
'sets the graph size to be the same as the window size

	DIM graphRect.8
	graphRect.top       	= _topMargin
	graphRect.left      	= _leftMargin
	graphRect.bottom   = WINDOW(_height) - _bottomMargin - 10
	graphRect.right 	= WINDOW(_width)  - _rightMargin

END FN = graphRect

LOCAL FN drawGraph
	DIM theRect.8
	theRect = FN setToWindow	<- stuffs up here

Dr David Cottrell                				James Cook University 
All unconventional spellings that you might notice in the above are
intentional, and are just part of a living dynamic language.