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From: Al Staff <AlStaff@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:17:08 EST
<< Okay I have to be doing something wrong. According to Inside Mac when I set
the ForeColor and draw it should show up in that colour. It don't. Least
not on my window. Change the color using any of the colour commands and it
will be displayed in B&W. But if you use the OLD colour command and print
something, it shows up in colour. Weird. >>

Sounds like you may be using a B&W window rather than a color window. B&W
windows will accept the old style colors. If you're using plain FB to create
the window, make sure you don't have a COLOR WINDOW _false somewhere.

Next I would try using FB's LONG COLOR statement instead of RGB FORECOLOR and
see if that works. If it doesn't work, then I would guess the problem is
probably not your RGB FORECOLOR call.

Al Staffieri Jr.