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From: Al Staff <AlStaff@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:42:17 EST
<< I didn't realize the Mac platform had so many current as well as up-and-
coming BASICs supporting it! >>

My Macintosh BASIC Programmers Page lists 7 of them:

•http://www.stazsoftware.com - Staz Software's FutureBASIC II. It has nearly
full access to the Mac toolbox. This is the programming environment that I
use. FutureBASIC II costs $229 ($171 for students). Their web site has the
latest updates, tech notes, lots of sample code, and more.

•http://www.zcurve.com/ - Zcurve's MacStandardBASIC. Compiles either PPC code,
68K code, or Fat applications. The latest version is v3.1 which has a visual
programming environment. You can get it for only $29.95 for a limited time
(regularly $99). Their web site has lots of sample code and a demo of the full

•http://www.mstay.com/vb20_ab1.html - Mainstay's VIP-BASIC. This may be the
best one for extensive database programming, but it builds excessively large
applications and is slow at most things. Not good for games. Costs $195.

•http://www.truebasic.com/ - TrueBASIC. This BASIC is mostly used in schools.
Previous versions didn't have many GUI features, but with version 5, they
finally added commands for creating things such as windows, buttons, and
scrolling lists. It sells for $199.95. If all you need is fast and easy
mathematical programming, you can still get v2.07 without the GUI features.

•http://ws4.u-net.net/~crimson/home.htm - Crimson Compiler's BASIC Development
System (Previously called SC BASIC). The latest version has a visual
environment and sells for $83 (£50 UK). You can also download a free older
version of SC BASIC, but the free version is a compiler only which means you
must write the source code in a text editer such as SimpleText.

•http://www.frii.com/~abarry/cb_index.html - CrossBASIC. A $30 shareware BASIC
compiler by Andrew Barry. Compiles 68k code, PPC code, and even Java Applets.
Visual environment lets you draw buttons, picture areas, and text areas where
ever you want them.

•http://www.nicholson.com/rhn/basic/ - Chipmunk BASIC. Freeware, old fashioned
BASIC with line numbers, but with some graphics support added for the Mac.

Al Staffieri Jr.