[futurebasic] Re: Button Bar on Staz Software's Site

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From: Al Staff <AlStaff@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:53:36 EST
<<I recently received a complaint from an AOL user stating that the buttons
on our homepage do not work.  He says he is using AOL 3.0 on a Performa
6220CD.  I was wondering if any of the AOL users here experience the same
problem when running AOL 3.0 on a powermac?  Any feedback is appreciated.>>

I'm using AOL v3.01 on a Performa 6320 running System 7.5.5. I visit the Staz
site regularly and I haven't experienced a problem with the buttons. Perhaps
this persons connection was halted for some reason (slow connection?) after
most of the page came in and the links didn't work because of that. I can't
think of anything else.

Al Staffieri Jr.