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From: Anton <antone@...>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 97 11:40:49 -0600
  I am using the PICT.FLTR from PG 4.3 in a project.  I do some drawing 
(PICTURE ON/PICTURE OFF) and then attach it to a picture window using FN 
PICTattach(PictureHandle&).  Later I need to modify the picture on screen 
so I do the following:
  oldPictureHandle& = PICTURE
  PICTURE ON (0,0)-(Right%,Bottom%)
  PICTURE (0,0), oldPictureHandle&
  'drawing actions here
  PICTURE OFF, newPictureHandle&
  FN PICTattach(newPictureHandle&)

  The modified PICT is substituted for the old PICT in the picture 
window, and all scrolling, etc. seems to work fine until I print the 
PICT.  The problem is that the modified PICT is printed correctly, but 
when the print dialog is done, and the picture window is refreshed, the 
old PICT is put back in the window and the modifications are lost.

  Do any PG users know why this happens and how to prevent it?  Secondly, 
how do I direct my drawing directly to the GWorld for modification of the 
PICT stored there?


Anton (a novice at everything) Ehrhardt