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Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 08:03:38 -0600 (CST)
Standing Shoulder To Shoulder Together As 
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A personal letter of encouragement to You, written solely to "lift up hands that hang down".
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SHOULDER TO SHOULDER #478 ---- 2/5/07
Title:  "The Growing Confrontation ---- Not Another Article On Islam!"
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My Dear Friend and Co-laborer:
I greet you again in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who fills our lives with wonder and amazement as He continues building His kingdom.
+  Continued Prayer:  Please continue praying fervently for Pastor George Markey who is suffering from severe pancreatitis and clinging to life only by the grace of God.  He is scheduled to be evacuated from the closed country where he has been serving as a missionary to the U.S. today.  However, even the flight it self is life threatening because of his grave condition.
+  Also, continue praying about the ministry to the Chinese population here in Kiev.  I have met with the pastor I mentioned in last letter, and it looks like we will surely develop some type of connected ministry with him.  However, he is in dire need of financial undergirding since, at the request of the man who fired him, the missionary agencies have cut him off entirely.  It is a tragic situation where the testimony of a couple disgruntled members brought about this situation.  However, we believe, as with Joseph, that what Satan intended for evil, God will turn to good.  There are between 10,000 and 13,000 Chinese people living in Kiev.  Another several thousand live in other cities in Ukraine.  90% of them will return to China when their work or schooling is done.  We want to send them back as trained evangelists and missionaries.
+  A new request:  Pray for us as we discern the will of the Lord regarding at least two new possible language ministries that appear to be opening to us.  We have a young brother who attends my weekly "Timothy Fellowship" who feels the Lord is speaking to him about his fellow Arabic speakers, and we have a young man from India attending who has a burden for his people as well.  Another third possible language group exists among the black African population here . . . thousands of them.  Yesterday we had men from Angola and Uganda attending services.  Both are believers, and vitally interested in reaching into those areas within the city.
+  Finally, keep praying for the young man who heads up our Persian ministry.  He is at great peace in his heart, but the essential documents are still needed.  Pray for him and his wife, both of whom have also experienced various health issues.  There are over 13,000 Persian speakers living in Kiev, and they need the Gospel.
+  Then, I again apologize for the format breakdown in today's letter.  Our internet issues have not been resolved here where I can get back to using my regular local ISP, nor can the format issue be resolved on the other end without a phone call from us to the stateside ISP, which, of course, is far too expensive.  So, bear with me.  Hopefully soon we can get this matter resolved.
It was my intention to write about "Five Ways To Insult God", but recent events have motivated me to devote today's letter, once again (!), to the issue of radical Islam and it's threat to a free world, the existence of Israel, the threat toward America, and the cause of Christianity.  So, please bear with me as I share with you some important information.
You will notice I have added an entire new section to the list of resources at the bottom of my letter.  It is increasingly alarming to see the centuries-long strategy of radical Islam unfolding before our eyes.  This has global implications and is a threat more serious than global warming will ever be.  More than 24 additional countries have become Islamic states within the past forty years.  Dozens of others could go that way in the next five to ten years.  More people have been executed for abandoning their Muslim faith than there were Jews killed in the Holocaust, and yet deaf ears and blind eyes refuse to recognize it.  Millions more non Muslims have died at the hands of radical Islamists.  Christians and Jews being especially targeted.  The agenda is clear ---- an Islamic world ruled by Shariah law.  To Muslims, Shariah law is not an option, but is an obligation.  Thus, any nation that becomes an Islamic state, by default or otherwise, will almost inevitably fall under Shariah law.
The "Last Days" confrontation between God and those who oppose His agenda of redemption through Jesus Christ is drawing closer . . . not just year by year, . . . but at this stage, day by day.  It is truly eminent, and most believers in the west still refuse to take it seriously.  Radical Islam is a part of that growing confrontation as it breeds more and more terrorist extremists.
Islam looks to two holy books . . . The Qur'an and the Hadith.  We are familiar with the Qur'an (Koran) which Muslims are told are the literal words of God given directly to Muhammad at one point in time, and therefore, completely free from error because they didn't come through many writers, three languages, over a period of 1600 years, as the Bible did.  The Hadith consists of the biography and teachings of Muhammad in which he spells out certain explanations of the Qur'an, and sets down certain rules and laws for religious and social conduct.  Because they believe he was sent by God, is Jesus' superior successor, and that he heard directly from God, Muhammad's teachings are taken seriously.
There is a specific strategy to Islam.  Whether passive, moderate, or radical in their attitudes, Islamic leaders effectively use seven major strategies to propagate their agenda.  The Islamic agenda consists of ---- Da'wah, Jihad, Emigration, Mosques, Mass Media, Provocation, and Reproduction.
    >  Da'wah and Daa'i ---- This is Islam's "world missions" agenda.  Little by little, by developing presence and relationships, the hidden radical Islamist moves into the community along with the open moderate Muslim with peaceful words and humanitarian acts hoping to gain a significant influence.  It is public relations and a peaceful message at its very best.  Literally, it is, according to Wagner's book, "the active business of the propagation of Islam with the end of making conversions."  It's goal is two-fold . . .  bring those fallen away back into Islam, and through piety and charity influence others to embrace Islam as the true path to God.  Every Muslim is to be a witness to Islam, so each one is to be a Daa'i, the equivalent to our word for missionary.  The Da'wah strategy is played out in every level of society in a given country . . . the local community, the government, the military, the institutions (hospitals, prisons, etc.), ethnic minorities, the media, and the educational system.  It is a well planned and thought-out strategy, and is the Islamic version of both the Sermon on the Mount on the one hand and the Great Commission on the other . . . and it is very real . . . and aggressively practiced.  It is clearly seen today in numerous western countries, most particularly England and France, where the Islamic influence is near the point of critical mass.
    >  Jihad ---- This is the most familiar aspect of Islam to us because we're more prone to recognize its often violent aspect.  It is the sixth of Islam's "Pillars of Faith", the others being prayer, giving of alms, fasting, faith, and the pilgrimage to Mecca.  Its definition is "striving" or "struggle" and simply means "holy war".  It exists in two forms . . . the "greater" Jihad, and the "lesser" Jihad.  The "greater" is the inner struggle against personal sin and the struggle for piety within which every Muslim is commanded to fight, and the "lesser" is the outer struggle against everyone and everything that opposes Islam.  Everyone is required to engage in the "greater", but not everyone has to be involved in the "lesser".  In spite of the fact that many people try to brush this aside as simple rhetoric and religious semantics, all the historical evidence points to the fact that Islam not only embraces but encourages violence and death as a means of advancing the religion through the "lesser" but equally active Jihad.  
When Muhammad died, his immediate successors and adherents quickly moved, through "lesser" Jihad, across the Middle East, westward through North Africa, and into the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and into Europe.  They also moved through Turkey northward and westward into the Balkan region.  If you study history, you see that they targeted on major cities.  Within a short period of time they took Baghdad, Damascus, and Jerusalem.  Turkey, which was once the heart and soul of the early Church's missionary victories, soon feel to the wave of radical Islam often enforced by violence.  The agenda has not changed.
It's true that today very few Muslims are militant in nature, and most do no take "lesser Jihad" literally.  But, there are enough that do to make it a serious threat to any nation and people in the world.  Any nation that is poor and vulnerable, that believes in democracy and its freedoms, or that is pro-Jewish or pro-Christian, is a true black listed enemy target, as is also any Muslim or former Muslim who befriends such.  According to Wagner, "any action that causes the message of Allah to expand is justifiable."
So, the "lesser" Jihad is used to accomplish two things . . . . advance the message of Allah, and eliminate, by any means necessary, everything that stands in its way.  And, when you add the promised paradise filled with beautiful women to all who die in the struggle, martyrdom is an appealing means by which to engage in "lesser Jihad".
    >  Emigration ---- This is something we don't think much about, but it is a clear part of a well thought out plan.  How do you gain influence and power in a foreign country?  One way is to promote massive emigration into that country.  And, by nature, most people would rather live in a free and prosperous society than in a repressive or poor one.  So, democratic societies built on free enterprise are always appealing.  It has been reported that England is now a country where nearly two-thirds of the population are of non-British origin.  America today is reportedly at least one-third Latin American.  If you look at the demographics and the "migration patterns" of society, you find that more and more people are trying to leave oppressive, under developed, and poor countries . . . usually seeking out western countries built on democratic principles.  So, it should come as no surprise that radical Islam would try to use this innocent appearing means of changing the balance of power over a period of years . . . even decades.
While the vast majority of people try to emigrate for legitimate personal reasons such as escape from persecution, desire for quality education and training, or for economic reasons, there are always built into those floods of people others who have more sinister motives.  My good Iranian friend tells me that in a major European city where some 13,000 Iranian students have come to study, 90% of them have absolutely no desire to ever return to Iran.  They want to remain where they are or emigrate to another country.  They are fearful, and they are in stark disagreement with the political agenda of Iran's current leadership.  They see a future to be found in western countries where freedom and success are more assured.
A case in point illustrating the emigration strategy is the situation a few years ago when many criminals and others with political agendas came into America from Cuba when Castro temporarily loosened his grip on the people.  Today western Europe is dealing with a massive, nearly epidemic problem as such criminal elements come from African countries, many of them Muslim nations, flooding into Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and other nations.  And, they come both illegitimately on sinking boats and legally with passports and work permits.  While many of these people have no political agenda, some do.  Spain, for example, is filled with not only Basque terrorists, but Islamic ones as well, as is Italy, France, Belgium, and other European and North American countries.
It, therefore, should be no surprise that radical Islam would take advantage of emigration paths, just as they took advantage of emigrating to America and attending pilot training schools to learn to fly four fuel-laden commercial jetliners into financial and governmental buildings on September 11th, 2001.  Most of the men involved in that plot had emigrated legally into the country, but there are thousands of others who have sneaked in through porous borders, having the same goal in mind as those nineteen men . . . . destroy a hated nation.  Major networks of terrorist cells have been discovered just in past weeks in England, Belgium, France, and Germany.  Many of them are either citizens in those countries or are there with legal papers.  Even under innocent motives, emigration still serves as a viable tactic to eventually push the balance ever closer to creating another Islamic state potentially being run by radical Islamists.
    >  Mosques ---- A very interesting tactic being used by radical Islam, and much of it funded by the royal family of Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars from the sale of oil to western countries, is to build a mosque in a city or neighborhood . . . even if there are no Muslims living there.  It creates a visible presence of Islam in that place, and gives the illusion that Islam is a peaceful and desired element strongly established in the community, here to serve its own people (of whom there may be very few, if any), do good in the community, and provide an appealing religious alternative built on a piety and dedication that far surpasses most other religions, especially the varied forms of Christianity.  Five times a day the speakers blare a call to prayer, implying humble religious practices, and creating curiosity in the minds of many non Muslims.  
Though not in every case, many of these mosques end up becoming schools of learning in which the more radical beliefs of Islam can be quietly and progressively taught . . . until there are adequate numbers for the clerics to begin preaching and teaching more outwardly and publicly the radical approaches of Islam, and criticism and hatred toward the "infidels" who have no moral conscience and live worldly lives of lasciviousness and decadence.  Resentment and hatred are then quietly fanned into flames of radical action by determined clerics whose ultimate goals are to raise up more and more fanatical Muslims willing to both kill and die for the cause.  Scores of such examples are found in England, Belgium, France, America, and other western democratic countries.
    >  Mass Media ---- It's obviously no secret that the media around the world is one of the most corrupt and liberal institutions to be found.  If you were to somehow eradicate the idea of political correctness, many of the mass media sector would dry up and die like a cancer cut off from its source.  Seldom do you find a story that has been completely reported without bias and distortion.  If you think the spin doctors in America are good at what they do, you should examine those who espouse radical Islam.  
Through the blessing of a satellite dish atop our building, I get news from Russia, China, Great Britain, Germany, and the United States via BBC, CNNI, Euronews, RTV, and CCCN.  It's interesting to hear the news as it is blatantly slanted from the perspective of its origins and political opinions.  But, regardless of its source, it is almost all biased against Israel, against western countries, and against democracies.  It is almost always placing a favorable light toward Muslim, African, and Asian agendas.
When the planes slammed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, the Islamic communities in America feared great retaliation.  While there were a few isolated cases of violence, the vast majority of Americans kept their cool and remained relatively level headed, though perhaps somewhat more biased against Islam.  The media came along and rightfully urged people to not judge Islam and the majority of Muslims based on the actions of a few.  It began portraying Islam as a peaceful religion, which in many ways it is . . . until you look more deeply into its inner teachings found primarily in Muhammad's "Medina writings".
At the same time, more and more people became curious about Islam in general; few westerners knew little about this Middle Eastern religion.  Islamic leaders took advantage of this enormous media window to paint a favorable and desirable picture of Islam.  That, of course, is to be expected.  You and I would do the same thing about our faith in Christ.
However, without becoming too detailed, the mass media crossed the line; instead of providing only information, it began promoting influence by painting Muslims as a persecuted and misunderstood people.  This has never happened to Jews or Christians, though . . . has it.  Subsequently, whether it's out of fear of intimidation or retaliation, or out of political bias, the mass media has become a pawn in the hands of radical Islamists who want to make out all democracies, Israel and her allies, and all nations either present or fighting in Muslim countries to be evil and enemies.  And the radical Islamists have played this hand to the limits . . . and the world in general has bought the story.
    >  Provocation ---- Radical Islam fosters provocation in two ways.  First, it creates its own opportunities for provocation.  Secondly, it takes advantage of instability and upheavals not necessarily of its own making.  For example, the Bosnian War ended up creating the potential for a Muslim country in the Balkans in more than 600 years, and the strong possibility of an eventual Islamic state.  Funded by a wealthy Saudi businessman, the largest Mosque outside of the Middle East can be found in Sarajevo.  I have seen it personally several times.  Prior to the Bosnian war, Bosnia was overwhelmingly Orthodox and Catholic, with Islam the third largest religious group.  Because of the war, however, many Serbs and Croats left the country, leaving it to the Bosniaks . . . Muslims descended from the pilgrims of the Ottoman Empire who embraced Islam in exchange for peace, jobs, safety, and land.  Today, subsequently, Bosnia is well over 65% Muslim, and Sarajevo is over 90% Muslim.
On the other hand, whereas radical Islam did not provoke the Bosnian War, but instead, took advantage of an opportunity it left, the situations in Afghanistan and Iraq are classic examples of how radical Islamists know how to "push America's button" and get it to take drastic actions which then end up being ammunition to stir up local anger and hatred toward those who have sought to free the people from dictatorial and oppressive regimes.  Through lies, distortion of the facts, inflammatory rhetoric, and nationalistic loyalties, the radicals use such actions to provoke the situations into ultimate confrontations.
The same thing is happening in Iran.  A close and personal Iranian friend asserts to me regularly that the overwhelming populace in Iran are totally opposed to the strategy of its current leadership.  Even the liberal western media acknowledges that many of the key religious Islamic leaders are opposed to the rhetoric and strategies of the current president.  Iran does not need nuclear energy at all for peaceful purposes; the country is filled with enough fossil fuels to satisfy its needs for centuries.  But, provocation is the intent.  If the end goal is realized, it will draw western countries into a massive fireball of war, and will give good reason for attacking Israel and her western allies both in Europe, the Middle East, and North America . . . outright war in the Middle East, and more terrorist attacks elsewhere.  Provocation is a huge tool for Islamic radicals.
    >  Reproduction ---- I have heard very few analysts, secular or Christian, talk about this issue.  But, one of the strongest ways of promoting any ideology is by raising children to espouse to that ideology.  In fact, this is exactly what God instructed Israel to do in Deuteronomy.  On more than one occasion God told Israel to read, study, memorize, and recite His laws to each other and within the family unit . . . and teach them to their children and their grandchildren.  Now, what happens when you do that?  If you've done it properly, you've created the next generation that will continue that ideology into perpetuity.
Take that idea, then, and place it in the framework of a religious system that allows a man to have (I can't remember which) up to four or five wives at a time, and put it in a culture where the woman is little more than property and where birth control is seldom practiced, and what do you have?  A rapidly multiplying people that can soon grow numerically to become the dominating influence in any given society.  Today, for every person born into a Jewish or Christian family, there are more than 10 being born into a Muslim family.
How is this possible?  Because every Muslim man, as I mentioned, can have four or five wives simultaneously.  So, instead of having perhaps one child a year, he could have four or five.  On top of that, a Muslim man can quickly divorce a wife and take another.  So, when one gets older, he can divorce her by simply saying "I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you!", and then take another younger woman still able to bear children.  Add to that mix the practice of arranged marriages and that many young Muslim wives were married barely out of puberty, and the process speed is simply increased; instead of having your first of many children at age 18, 20, 21, you may have your first at age 14 or 15, and then another one every one or two years . . . or less.
You may think this is ridiculous and absurd, but did you know that Osama Bin Laden was one of more than 40 children born to his father, and he himself has fathered more than 50 children?  Multiply that by tens of thousands of radical, terrorist-minded Muslim young men who have been taught to hate and kill, and then tell me how long it would take to change the ethnic balance of any city . . . of any nation.  Surely, it would take somewhat of a long time, but not so long when your agenda is clear. . . . they are patient.
I have really hesitated to write this to you because I know it sounds so dramatic, extreme, and radical in itself.  And, it certainly sounds hopeless.  But, it is not. . . because God has assured victory, and no matter how long or severe the battle for the hearts of man, God is going to see His personal agenda accomplished.   As God is my witness, I have a greater love in my heart for the Muslim people than I've ever had in my life.  Part of that is due to the deep and precious relationships Jo Ann and I have developed this past year with dozens of young men and women from Muslim countries.  I've watched some of them as they openly and objectively came to consider the claims of Christ.  Some of them have walked away from the opportunity, but others have responded to Jesus, and it's been my privilege to baptize several as a result of their commitment to Jesus, the Messiah.  Every week a group of young men from Muslim countries meets in my apartment and studies the Bible.  I love them all with a passion.  One of my dreads is when either Jo Ann and I return to America to stay, or when some of them return to their respective countries and I realize I may never see them again.
In spite of this agonizing scenario of terrorism and hate, and perhaps even because of it, God is doing an amazing work among the Muslim people.  Recently a friend sent me a PDF document called the Levitt Letter in which I found astounding reports of what God is doing in Islamic countries today as Jesus Christ is being revealed.  For example, in Levitt's February 2007 letter, he reports the following ---- more than 5,000 new believers in Iraq since the end of major combat, 14 new churches in Baghdad, dozens of new churches in Kurdistan (some with over 500 members).  More than one million Bibles have gone into Iraq.  More than 1 million Egyptians have been saved in the past decade, Afghanistan has grown from only 17 believers before 9/11/01 to more than 10,000 now.  In 1990, there were only three known Christians, but today there are over 15,000.  Uzbekistan in 1990 had no known believers, and today there are over 30,000.  More than 5 million Sudanese have come to Christ since the early 1990's, over 1 million since 2000.  In 1979 there were only 500 known believers in Iran, but today there are more than 1 million.  Dreams, visions, miraculous appearances, healing, and more are happening among the Muslim people.  Recently a believer from Iran told me that more than 1,000 Iranians a week are coming to Christ.
Then, just this morning, I happened to tune in the John Ankerburg show on which he was interviewing two scholarly former Muslims who have produced a number of exceptional resources dealing with the "head in the sand" mentality of western governments and Christian leaders, and with the deliberate "on track" strategy of modern radical Islam to carry out Muhammad's plan to have an Islamic world.  Friend, you may think this will go away, but it absolutely will not.  I recommend you go to www.johnankerburg.org and consider the resources.
I also highly recommend Dr. William Wagner's book, How Islam Plans To Change the World, published by Kregal Press.  I have known Bill and his wife, Sally, since 1995, and sat in a seminar three years ago as he shared some of the book's contents just after it had come off the press.  His accounts are verified by many other former Muslims.
I will leave methodology and steps of witnessing to Muslims for others to explain.  But, let me ask you to consider the following factors:
+  Realize that this battle is real, and that it is part of the scenario the Bible paints regarding the Last Days and the Return of Jesus Christ.  It is going to happen; it will not go away, and it will become worse and worse.  The closer we come to nightfall, the more urgent harvesting becomes.  Be prepared for it.
+  Understand that Muslims by and large are ethical, moral, kind, and tolerant people who are courteous enough to listen to your story, even if they reject it.  Some of my dearest friends are Muslims or former Muslims.  This courtesy and respect are part of their culture.
+  The vast majority of Muslims have a genuine and sincere desire for truth, and are very interested in knowing more about Jesus Christ.  After all, the Qur'an teaches about Jesus . . . even His virgin birth and His return.  But, they have been misled through distortions and lies to believe things about Him that are not true, and they have a genuine desire to discover the truth.  They have also been taught that, while the Bible may have been the Word of God originally, it has been radically altered and is now untrustworthy.
+  However, they are objective people who are willing for you to set forth your case regarding the veracity of the Bible and the claims of Christ.  And, while some may reject what you say, they will not reject you, as long as you treat them lovingly and courteously.  They are very social people who thrive on personal relationships.
+  You should never be afraid to approach a Muslim about matters of faith; it's just that you need to learn the proper way to do it, and you need to be patient and not plant more seed than the soil can take at the moment.
+  Go out of your way to establish and develop extended relationships with every Muslim you possibly can.  But! . . . never look at him as a prize to be won or a scalp to hang on your belt.  See him as a person who can become a friend, and perhaps someday a fellow believer in Jesus.
+  Never, under any circumstance, waste time trying to prove an Islamic belief to be wrong.  A Muslim will be hurt and offended if you attack his religion outright.  Don't be surprised by that; you'd be the same way with anyone who attacked your faith and insulted you by implying you're all wrong in what you believe about this ridiculous idea that Jesus is God and is the redeemer of the world.
+  As needed, ask questions about Islam.  The more you know about how your Muslim friend thinks, the better you'll understand how to love him, minister to him, and share the love of Christ with him.
+  Try to learn some of the cultural practices of the Middle East.  Even try to learn some of the language if you can.  They may be amused at your feeble efforts, but they appreciate your attempt, and they will respect you for 
+  Never compromise character and honesty.  That is the surest way to disqualify yourself as a witness of Jesus Christ.  You should live a life above reproach, void of arrogance, free from the love of riches, morally and ethically pure, and tempered by a spirit of kindness and humility.
+  Speak the truth.  A Muslim detests being deceived or lied to.  But, always speak the truth in a loving and kind way.  If need be, get someone to teach you some practical communication skills that will let you know how to talk about something in ways that don't cause the person's character, beliefs, or intentions to be brought into question.
+  Learn to ask questions instead of trying to have all the answers.  If you ask questions properly, you'll discover your friend will answer his own questions by answering yours.
+  Learn to share the Gospel, when the time is right, in story form rather than theological form.  People from the Middle East have been raised in a culture where story telling is a primary means of both communication and teaching.  One story they will always want to hear is your own . . . about how you came to know Christ personally.  But! . . . it needs to be free from "Christian-eze".
My friend, I cannot say strongly enough that, contrary to what even America's president says, while most Muslims certainly are peaceful, kind, and loving, Islam itself, backed and powered by radical extremists taught by politically, religiously, and ethnically motivated leaders,  is the most dangerous threat to world peace and the destruction of Christianity and of Israel that has ever existed in human form.  You need to be informed, you need to teach others, and you need to counter it by exemplary holy living, aggressive compassionate evangelism, intimate genuine relationships with Muslims, and faith-filled strategic authoritative prayer.
We can bury our heads in the sand by seeing the inevitability of such things happening in relationship to Biblical prophecy, and simply walk away.  But, if we do, tens of millions of Muslims who could have otherwise had a choice will die without Christ and go to hell, eternally separated from any further hope of reaching the God for which they have longed all their lives.  It is true that coming events are inevitable.  But it is also inevitable that a person who dies without Christ is eternally lost, with no further opportunity. . . ever.
And, remember this above all else . . . the real danger is Not terrorists who practice radical Islam.  The real danger is that these people will go to an eternal hell of suffering and torment if they do not come to know Christ.
And, this job is not for the other guys . . . it's for you.  Don't cop out.
(Take a look at those new websites below.)
In His Bond, By His Grace, and For His Kingdom,
Bob Tolliver -- Romans 1:11
Copyright February, 2007
Life Unlimited Ministries
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www.biblemaster.com for great Bible resources and downloads.  Exceptional site.
www.e-sword.net (one of the best free download Bible study site I've ever seen!)
http://www.discipleshipdirect.com/ for new and fresh evangelism & discipleship materials.
http://associate.com/camsoc/ctt/"Christian Communications Toolkit" (using internet wisely) 
www.associate.com/camsoc/crs/ for church related software from CAMSOC.
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Online Resources on Ukraine:
   http://www.1plus1.com.ua/video/camera.php Live webcam of Independence Square, Kiev.
   http://www.kievukraine.info/ Excellent website on Ukraine with lots of links.
   http://encyclopediaofukraine.com/  Excellent website on Ukraine with lots of links.
   http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=ukraine&Submit2=Go Encarta info on Ukraine.
   http://www.samford.edu/groups/global/links/religion-ee.html Source of many sites relating to religious issues in Eastern Europe.
   www.uazone.net  Excellent website on Ukraine with hundreds of pictures and other links.
Secular News on Kiev and Ukraine will give you interesting views at . . .