“June” Elizabeth Stewart1996

“June” Elizabeth Stewart

Death February 6, 1996
Source: Stephen Colwell
Source: Stephen Colwell

DeathStephen Colwell
BurialStephen Colwell
Last known location: Scotts Bluff,NE in 1927 New 1999: June Elizabeth Colwell married Robert F. Colwell in Milton Freewate Washington. They had two children; Connie Elizabeth Colwell and Robert Stephen Colwell. Connie married Nelson Schneider and resides in San Carlos California and Stephen married Jan Rainwaters and resides in Santa Rosa Californina. June's Husband survives and now lives in Kelsyville California. Contact Stephen for more info (708) 573-7380. June's mother was Mary with a sister (Opal) in Scotts Bluff NE.