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The Christian Web Watcher

Many people would like to have a Christian "Start Page" on the Internet, in place of the generic "Start Page" provided by their Web browser software vendor or Internet Service Provider. To make this your default start page on the Internet, copy this URL, and then paste it into your browser. Or, you can add it to your "bookmarks" or "favorites" list. For help on doing this, click the Web Watchers link above.

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Updated Today, Dec 12, 2017
Web SiteSite Last Updated
Christian Artist Sherry Walter Wallpaper Vibrant Colors!Dec 12, 2017
Living Faith FellowshipDec 12, 2017
VIVA Member TestimoniesDec 12, 2017
Random Variables weblog for Randal MathenyDec 12, 2017
American Family AssociationDec 12, 2017
Assemblies of GodDec 12, 2017
Making the bible accessible for everyoneDec 12, 2017
TFTW - aimed at mobilising Christians to live out their faith in all of lifeDec 12, 2017
Contemporary Christian MusicDec 12, 2017
ADHD of the Christian Kind - Support for parents of ADHD childrenDec 12, 2017
Christian search, Email, News, Music, Chat and more.Dec 12, 2017
A news site that focuses on positive, uplifting happenings!Dec 12, 2017
Desert StreamDec 12, 2017
The road to EmmausDec 12, 2017
New Releases: Sandstar Family Entertainment wholesome videosDec 12, 2017
Family Research CouncilDec 12, 2017
Snicklefritz the Clown - Clown MinistryDec 12, 2017
Global Evangelistic Network - InformationDec 12, 2017
Internet Christian Resource DirectoryDec 12, 2017
Gospel Missions of India - to help the Gospel work in India by native missionariDec 12, 2017
Connecting the Local Christian CommunityDec 12, 2017
An open source International Standard Version Bible for free downloadDec 12, 2017
Jack Van Impe Ministries International - End-Times JournalistsDec 12, 2017
Messiah CollegeDec 12, 2017
Network 211 - Christian resources and ministry toolsDec 12, 2017
Promise KeepersDec 12, 2017
WayLifeTruth Ministries - Online bible studies, testimonials, and much more...Dec 12, 2017
A Directory of Women's Ministry Events, Tips, SpeakersDec 12, 2017
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    Older Web Pages Listed by Change Recency
    Web SiteSite Last Updated
    Aberdeen Primitive Baptist Church for evangelism Jan 05, 2012
    The Gospel Truth is Jesus Christ! Jan 02, 2014
    SMS Ministry-Stirring hearts through spiritual inspiration that ignites the soul Jan 09, 2017
    Encouragement and Uplift For All Mar 30, 2017
    Online Bible School using CD's and Internet May 17, 2016
    Integrity Online ISP May 02, 2014
    Greenhill Ministries, 'Old Time Religion' Aug 12, 2017
    ShepherdPup Linux - Live freely distributable Christian Linux Distro Sep 28, 2016
    Order of St Luke, Region 8 (Ontario) - healing, prayer, training, blessings. Sep 26, 2017
    TruePath.com - Your Christ Centered Web Host Sep 12, 2017
    Visiting The Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem Sep 13, 2016
    Christian Broadcasting Network Oct 06, 2017
    Forministry.com - equipping the church online for ministry, w/ free ch websites Oct 19, 2017
    First list of Christian resources on the Internet Oct 15, 2011
    Robert Morrison Project - Legally publishing reformed literature in China Oct 05, 2016
    Hands-on training for pastoral care & praying with others for Christian healing Oct 12, 2017
    Songs of Praise - Christian songs, plays and art Nov 08, 2017
    The Grace Place - a Terrific Web Page for Kids! Nov 23, 2017
    Christian Recovery International Nov 17, 2017
    Helping people find Christ Nov 30, 2017
    Mission Aviation Fellowship Nov 30, 2017
    Believe and Trust, News, Articles, Cartoons & more Nov 30, 2017
    A Woman's Place -- Becoming Women of Truth Nov 13, 2017
    A huge collection of online books Dec 08, 2017
    A Christian search engine for finding Christian sites on the Web Dec 08, 2017
    Forthright Magazine - Going straight to the Cross Dec 11, 2017
    Testimonys of Faith is a cool site where christians can read = Dec 11, 2017
    AJET's Christian Support Group for Christians in Japan Dec 11, 2017

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