Established: Dec 19, 2003
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Support group for parents (and grandparents) of ADD or ADHD children who are interested in homeschooling or have chosen to homeschool. This list was created for those who are members of the Body of Christ, but others are welcome as long as they respect the beliefs and flavor of this list. NO SELLING or spam will be allowed -- immediate REMOVAL will result; no medical or mental health professionals, please.

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Recent News:

Homeschooling Struggles

Removed from the distractions of the classroom, provided with customized curriculum, why do some homeschoolers struggle every day with distractibility, memory problems, inability to test well, poor handwriting, and social skills? Homeschoolers can be challenged with dysgraphia (handwriting learning disability), auditory processing disorder, memory deficits, and even ADHD. If you need support, have questions about learning disabilities, or are struggling with a difficult child in your homeschool, join us for loving, Christian support.