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A daily passage of the Bible is reviewed each day, starting from Genesis chapter 1 on January 1 and ending with Revelation on December 31.

The messages repeat each year.

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Recent News:

Dealing with the scope of the creation account


SO many people don't use common sense in understanding the creation account when faced with all the evidence that the earth is really much older than humanity.

Some who lean in favor of evolution have logic that flows like this:

The Bible doesn't mention evolution, so the Bible and God are flawed creations of man - not credible resources.


Well, the book "iText in Action" by Bruno Lowagie doesn't talk about Perl programming, so is it flawed too? No, because Perl programming wasn't "in-scope" for the book. And the author didn't need to mention all the things that weren't in scope - it was a focused-topic book.

Likewise, consider the evidence that the Bible is a focused-topic book, dealing with the creation account, history, and salvation of Man. The Bible gives some information about other creations of God, such as Angels, and other creatures in the throne room accounts, but the Bible isn't really about them and their history or creation.

The question we might ask as we read Genesis, is whether the Bible gives room for the earth having already existed for a period of time (more than several days) before Adam and Eve were created. If the earth was already "formless and void" when the 6-day creation event began, then the earth has some history unaccounted for in Genesis.

Like ancient astronomers, many Christians think God revolves around us. It's humbling to consider that perhaps Mankind is one of several creation events that God has initiated on this earth, and that we are simply one in a series of creations that have happened over time. We creations revolve around Him.

If Angels (who look like mankind, and in one Bible account can even procreate with them) had been created on earth, for example, millions of years ago, many scientists who reject the Creator would suggest the angel fossils are evidence of evolution.  If these "scientists" are determined to reject God before proceeding with their logic flow, evolution is one of the few conclusions they can reach.

I encourage you to find peace in understanding that God is a diverse creator of more than just what we see on this earth every day,  Don't under-estimate Him, and don't be fooled by those whose logic is founded on exclusion (and hatred) of God the Creator in the first place.