Make Satan Run Away

There are as many ways to fight temptation as there are
people in the world. All of us have been  and  will  be
faced with the opportunity to serve Satan and the world
rather than serve God. If you watch television  even  a
little bit you will see how the world presents sin in a
positive light. Even on the radio the  forces  of  evil
sing out with the ways  of  self  indulgence. 

Make  no mistake about it, there are only  two  choices  we  can
make; serve God or serve Satan. Many years ago, the man
Joshua after leading the children of  Israel  into  the
Promised Land said to them “…choose for yourselves this
day whom you will serve, whether the  gods  which  your
fathers served that were  on  the  other  side  of  the
River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose  land  you
dwell” (Joshua 24:15).

Joshua chose to serve the  Lord. It is of course the only right
choice to  make.  Joshua knew as  we  all  should  know  that
fighting  Satan’s temptations is not as hard as we seem to make
it. Satan is not as strong as we give him credit for. In fact, he
is actually a coward.

James  tells  us  that  when  we “Resist the devil” he “will flee 
from”  us  (4:7).  We either submit to God or submit to the
devil, it  cannot be both. And we know what will be the 
result  of  each choice since the Lord provides for it in His word.

In Christ, Steve Preston

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