Why Should You Follow The Bible?




1.      Because it makes you wise to salvation (15), it’s inspired of God (16), it furnishes us unto all good works (17) → II Timothy 3:15-17.


2.      Because it contains the truth → John 17:17


3.      Because it contains all things that pertain to life and godliness →

     II Peter 1:3


4.      Because it contains the very words of God → John 17:7-8


5.      Because it contains all truth → John 16:13


6.      Because it contains the perfect law → James 1:25


7.      Because it contains the words by which we will be judged → John 12:48


8.      Because it contains the way by which we can be saved → James 1:21


9.      Because it will help us to mature in faith → I Peter 2:2


10. Because we will be blessed by doing what it tells us to do → Luke 11:28


11. Because it will endure forever → I Peter 1:23-25


     12. Because without it, we would be lost → Jeremiah 10:23



In Christ, Steve Preston





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