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From: "Steve Preston" <prstn496@...>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 05:57:48 -0400
Patience and Comfort

"For  whatsoever  things  were written aforetime were written for
our  learning,  that  we  through  patience  and  comfort  of the
scriptures might have hope" (Romans 15:4). Even though Christians
live  under  the  New Covenant, there is a particular purpose for
the  Old  Testament  (OT)  scriptures.  The previous scripture in
Romans tells us that. Specifically, what information contained in
the  OT  gives  us  comfort  and  what  do we read that helps our
patience?  I  will  endeavor to bring out some useful things from
the OT over the next few lessons.

Evolutionists  notwithstanding,  the  Bible  tells  us  that  God
created  all  that  there  is. Genesis 1 gives an account of that
creation.  In  verse  31  of that chapter, we read that ".God saw
every  thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And
the  evening and the morning were the sixth day". Our Father does
not  do  anything  that isn't good and perfect. We can read about
the  creation  and  know that God did everything so that it would
turn  out  "good".  Christians  should  never be upset or anxious
about  life  and  the  many  twists  and turns that it takes. Our
loving  God  will  never  let  anything  happen  to  His faithful
children  that does not turn out for the good. What great comfort
we  have knowing that ".all things work together for good to them
that  love  God,  to  them  who  are  the called according to his
purpose (Romans 8:28).

There came a time several generations after Adam and Eve that the
world  became  wholly wicked. God "saw that the wickedness of man
was  great  in  the  earth,  and  that  every  imagination of the
thoughts  of  his  heart was only evil continually" (Genesis 6:5)
except  for  Noah  and  his  family.  By  right,  God  could have
destroyed  man  right  then,  right  when He decided that man was
completely  evil. But He didn't. The Father allowed man 120 years
in  which  they  would  be  reminded that there was a standard by
which  they should live (Genesis 6:3). When the time had come for
the  floods  to  come  upon  the  earth and destroy life, not one
person,  save  Noah  and  his  family,  was found to be worthy of
saving from the coming floods. And so God brought the destruction
that  He  had promised for the earth and its inhabitants. Imagine
having  120  years  to  repent  of  your sin. Not one person took
advantage  of  that  time to turn from their evil ways. They must
have  all  thought that God would not actually destroy that which
He  just  created. Christians today know that God fulfills all of
His  promises.  We  know that in His own time, He will send Jesus
back to this earth, in the sky, to retrieve the faithful and take
them  to  heaven  to  live eternally. We can have patience in the
knowledge  that God will complete every promise that He has given
to us.

As  we  will  see  over  the  next  few  weeks, the OT is full of
examples  of God fulfilling His promises to His people. There are
also  many  times  that  can  be  shown  in which God rescued and
comforted His children even after they have rebelled against Him.
These lessons will not cover every example that could be gathered
to  prove  this point and so I encourage you readers to study the
OT  as well as the New Testament. Through patience and comfort of
the scriptures we can and will have hope.

In Christ, Steve Preston

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