The Perfect Church



The word perfect is usually used in the negative sense and generally after a mistake has been made. “Well no one is perfect” will be the reply from someone who has just made an error. That statement really is true. Save for Jesus, there has never been, nor will there be, a person who can rightly claim they are perfect. Scripture teaches this in several places including Jeremiah 10:23: “O Jehovah, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.” However, God’s ways are perfect: “As for God, his way is perfect: The word of Jehovah is tried; He is a shield unto all them that take refuge in him” (Psalm 18:30). And since God is perfect then His word is also perfect: “The law of Jehovah is perfect, restoring the soul: The testimony of Jehovah is sure, making wise the simple” (Psalm 19:7). Let us then look to the word of God and discover some facts about the perfect church.


First of all, the perfect church is built upon the perfect foundation. The apostle Paul writes “According to the grace of God which was given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder I laid a foundation; and another buildeth thereon. But let each man take heed how he buildeth thereon. For other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1Cor. 3:10-11). Every building has a foundation. Some use brick, some use stone, and some even use earth. The perfect church as a spiritual “building” must also have a perfect foundation and that is Jesus Christ.


Every denomination has some type of government, and each one has a head, one who is supreme to make final decisions. However, those are mere men and/or women and as such are prone to make mistakes. In contrast, the perfect church is governed by the perfect head, Jesus Christ. Ephesians 1:22-23 tells us that God “…put all things in subjection under his feet, and gave him to be head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.” What a great comfort it is to know that the one leading the church cannot make mistakes.


The perfect church also has a perfect law. Do not let anyone deceive you into believing that God has no law today. The Old Testament indeed has been done away with (Col. 2:14; Hebrews 8:13; Gal. 3:24-25) and has been replaced by the perfect law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 says “Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” In the letter to the Romans Paul writes that the “…the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and of death” (vs. 8:2). Since the perfect church has a perfect law, then those who would follow that law are destined to end up in the perfect place which is heaven.


Perfection is not something that we can obtain on this earth. None of us are without sin and therefore can never be perfect in that sense. We can be a part of the perfect church that Christ, the head of that church, died for. If you are not a part of that church, won’t you please consider obeying the word of God and letting Him add you to the church. Know for a surety that the church has ever expanding borders to allow in as many as should be saved. Be a part of that church. God welcomes all who want to obey Him.



In Christ, Steve Preston




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