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You may join this email group if you wish to hear reports on our life in a Muslim city. Many of you will be from the Holston Area. Bruce and Emy P. will post a newsletter to you about once a month. Your replies will come to us personally, not to the entire list. If you also sign up for MimerDesk you will be able to view (under the Files section) news stories, documents and comments uploaded by members of the group.

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Recent News:

Secularists deny Muslim women their right to an education

Under a Scarf, a Turkish Lawyer Fighting to Wear It

FOR Fatma Benli, a Turkish lawyer and women’s rights advocate, the controversy over Islamic head scarves has the irritating sound of a broken record.

Ms. Benli, who is 34, wears one herself. (On Wednesday, it was light brown with a floral print, tucked into the neck of a white turtleneck.) But she would rather talk about other things.

“I could tell you about domestic violence, about honor killings, about the parts of the criminal code that discriminate against women,” she said, ticking off her areas of expertise in rapid-fire sentences. “But we can’t move on to those issues.