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From: chris_henkel@... (Chris Henkel)
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 14:56:20 +0200
Al writes:

CourierHere are some of my questions:

Hi Al,

here some answers, not from a fulltime-developer but from someone who made something very close to that:

* What do I need to know to get into the field?

* How may hours a week?

...if you have a job/and idea/a problem/ a deadline/a boss/no boss: 168 hours/week or more...

* How many late nights?

...sometimes you will be thinking that its not worth to leave so much space to a bed you never use...

...then you will start piling your reference-manuals on your pillow...

* Do you get weekends off?

...'weekends' is just another term for: 'finally some minutes you can work on something without being disturbed by your coworkers'...

* What does entry-level pay start at?

...depends on your qualification; my experience is that many jobs are being 'outsourced' to 'independant developers' (which is just a '90s term for 'slaves' ;o) who will be paid job by job;

what I experienced:

-you get a job paid by time you spend on solving a problem; pro: you get your check every day/week/month. con: you get much less than you would get for deadlined job, your motivation to get finished is worse, someone is looking over your shoulder all the time and pushing you to get it finished...

- you get a job paid for preparing a working solution until some deadline; pro: your motivation is much better, you can work independant, you can do more than one job at a time. con: you might experience hunger, sleepless nights and having every month a new girlfriend...

Reading again through this mail I see that I might not be really helpful with what I'm saying. Anyway I'll hit the 'send-button and so you will probably get to know another point of view...mine :o)


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