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From: David Blache <microcsm@...>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 97 20:57:54 -0600
In a message dated 12/15/97 7:01 AM, you wrote:

>* What do I need to know to get into the field?

Hard to say.  That's a question best asked of your potential employer.  
I'm sure that every job has different requirements.

>* How may hours a week?

I usually get about an hour or two a day free time at home.  The rest is 

It reeeeeally helps to love what you do for a living.  :-)   If I didn't, 
I'd be in a mental ward by now counting neon-purple digits and mumbling 

>* How many late nights?

Night?...ohhh you mean when the sun goes down...I'm too busy counting 
bits to worry about how many times that happens...(shrug)

>* Do you get weekends off?

Not if you are developing FB^3.  ;-)

>* What does entry-level pay start at?

(*** See first answer ***)

LOL...the boss will kill me if I don't come clean.  It isn't THAT bad.  
He does give us bathroom breaks.  ;-)

LOL...but really... you do have to love programming to do it for a 
living.  When programming is a hobby, there are no pressures, no 
deadlines, no responsibilities, etc.  That all changes when it's what you 
do for a living.  Tension can build when you and your co-programmers are 
shooting for a deadline.  Comes with the territory.  So the question you 
should be asking, is do you love programming enough to put all you've got 
into it, every single day - because that's what you will be doing should 
you decide to make a living at it.

Hope you found some helpful info amongst my twisted meanderings.  ;-)

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