[futurebasic] Re: Problem with CTB callback crashing ?

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From: Greg_Neagle@...
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:09:53 -0800
On 12/16/97 at 3:44 AM, futurebasic@... wrote:

:I seem to be having a little problem with a CommsToolBox
:call back.
:I have added a search to the incoming data using the
:CMAddSearch function. This seems to work OK and returns
:a valid Reference number.
:callBackProc& = @FN MySearchCallBack
:flags% = _Cmsearchsevenbit
:gActiveSearch& = FN CMAddSearch(gModemConn&,searchTxt$,flags%,callBackProc&)
:My problem occurs when CMRead calls the Search Call Back.

You cannot use an FB local fn as a callback proc.  Instead you must use the

ENTERPROC/EXITPROC pair, with all its quirks and limitations (no local
varables; global only; quirky behavior when not in the first segment of your

GOTO "After SearchCallBackProc"
ENTERPROC(gHConn&, gMatchPtr&, gRefNum&)
      FN MySearchCallBack(gHConn&, gMatchPtr&, gRefNum&)  'call the FB function
"After SearchCallBackProc"

callBackProc& = LINE "SearchCallBackProc"
flags% = _Cmsearchsevenbit

gActiveSearch& = FN CMAddSearch(gModemConn&,searchTxt$,flags%,callBackProc&)

FB^3 should help in this matter by allowing you to define functions that use
PASCAL-style calling conventions.

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