[futurebasic] Funny Looking Fonts- 8.5?

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From: MoorePrint@...
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 17:53:04 EDT
>>I was shocked and dismayed (*smile*) to have seen something looking funny 
when one of my apps was running on an iMac 333.  The letters tops appeared 
squared off.  I checked to see what font was being used and had to resort to 
amazement...just plain old Geneva.<<

I have seen a similar problem, it was the new OS 8.5 feature that antialiases 
fonts on screen w/o help from ATM. Go into the "Appearance" control panel and 
disable it totally or set it to work only on fonts bigger than what it was 
set for. If you use one of the pre-programmed "looks" it sets this to, I 
think, about 12 point and that makes some of the more popular sizes of the 
most common fonts look bad.