[futurebasic] Re: Printing Error 25

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From: Al Staff <AlStaff@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:30:50 EST
<<I have not had trouble with an HP printer driver since '91 and suddenly my a
Beta App is getting error 25.  I am assuming this is -25 as that is Tried to
remove an open printer driver.  Indeed the error comes up as soon as as I call
Def Lprint.  This Beta print routine has been running smoothly since August.
No changes to the routine.  (I know...bad pointer somewhere)  The spooky part
is after two or three tries, the routine starts to work.  >>

Just a thought. Are you using Ram Doubler? If you are, perhaps it is the error
25 which is a memory error rather than -25. There is a known incompatibility
between Ram Doubler and HP printer drivers (may be fixed in newer versions of
RD and HP?). The printer driver tries to grab all of the available memory no
matter how much you have. Normally all is fine since your app has already
claimed it's share of memory when you launch it, but when Ram Doubler tries to
do it's thing, printing to an HP printer can crash. It seems intermittent.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I stopped using Ram Doubler long ago
because my Mac kept crashing while printing from ClarisWorks or WriteNow.
Disabling Ram Doubler solved it.

Al Staffieri Jr.