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From: "David Blache" <alterego@...>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 09:32:14 -0500
> Has anyone done asynchronous sound recording under FB. I want to start 
> recording (to disc) , run a program, and then stop recording and save the
> file for later replay.
> Then I want to do the opposite. Start replay (from disc) , run a program,
> and then stop replay.
> Is it possible with little or no overhead to the main process ?

Yes.  Asynchronous recording has extremey little overhead, and no noticeable
slowdown on current processes.

I've done it once in 68k pascal, and can tell you it's a big pain in the
butt.  This is one area of the toolbox that needs more work and refinement -
if you ask me.  You have to manually calculate and fill in the sound
headers, and maintain them yourself during recording, pausing, etc., and
other stuff that I personally think should be automated.

Anyway you may be able to look on infomac and otehr archives for pascal
source for this sort of thing and convert it to FB.

One thing i have _not_ investigated is whether QuickTime can do this sort of
thing.  You may want to check into that also.  It could turn out to be a lot
simpler to implement.

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