[futurebasic] DXF?

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From: John Clark <ArtVandals@...>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 21:07:22 +1000
>Hi all,
>Does anybody know where I can get information on the DXF file/record
> Ian Mann

At last! Something I can reply to with some knowledge!

I have a DXF import and sort routine which handles the 2D objects and 
probably the 3D as well. This loads the file into memory, mungers out all 
the linefeeds and linefeed -carriage returns and makes it nice to be 
near, and then bangs it into an index array where   it is interfered with.

Its probably a shocking piece of code, but it works and I have many 
people using the program with little complaint.

Email if you want the bits... but it is part of a larger project so you 
may have to sort the bits out since I don't have heaps of time. 

The documentation on DXF is reasonably easy to come by, but every man and 
his dog have a different interpretation of it. DXF is actually the worst 
file format in the world, so its a surprise that it is a 'standard' (or 
maybe its not.) For example there are no units and no scale information 
in the file, which makes it a tad less than useful for sharing CAD 

Horse trading area...

I desparately need some routines for taking these type of poly 
coordinates (in X,Y form) and drawing them to the screen etc.

I have so little time that I would be prepared to pay some money to 
anyone who had the time to fix this up. Not lots of course... but still 

You can email me if you want to know more. I'm a bit blurred since I have 
spent 11 hours at the wheel today... Driving 1500k in as many hours 
without really breaking the speed limit, which is not possible in some 
countries without running out of earth :-)

Best etc


John Clark                    
Aeronaut Automation
30 Kennedy Place Bayview 2104 Australia
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