[futurebasic] 3D Program (was Horse trading)

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From: "Phil Yates" <pyates@...>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 09:47:36 +0100
Enough people have responded direct for me to send this to the list ...

I offered up a complete 3D Program. I have just uploaded to my Web site two
programs, complete with source. The first is an old (ZBasic 5.0) program,
and the second the beginnings of a rewrite.

I'm releasing both to the FB community because a) they may be of some use to
someone and b) I can't see me getting time to work on it for at least
another year and c) It could turn into an FB3 example program (see below)

So, you can use any or all of the code if you wish.

Everything runs under FB2 / 2.3.1, and Z3D runs under 8.6. (Not bad for a 6
year old program with a defunct compiler !)

BUT, I would like this to become a demonstrator for FB3 when it comes out.
So if anyone would like to contribute to Hawk3D (FB3D ?) as a project, I'll
maintain the core program, and plug-in any elements anyone wants to send me,
providing it adheres to the Hawk3D shell. I'll also do the FB3 port. The
final program will be released to Staz as a freeware example for FB3. If,
once you've downloaded everything and had a look, you'd like to collaborate
on this, EMail me direct at :


Please do NOT post back to this list on this subject - I'm unsubscribing on
the 8th June for a month while I'm away on a sales trip overseas. I don't
want to have to read 500 EMails on my return.

You can download the whole package (892K) from :


And don't go through the Web site - I haven't got time to update it.

Have Fun.

Phil Yates