[futurebasic] Array Bounds

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From: Sean -G3- <mclaughlin@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 99 11:23:17 -0400
Ok, now that I have my communications program sending transactions in 
blocks, I resumed work on it. I'm getting an array bounds error, but I 
have no idea what array is causing the problem. After I connect to a 
server and login, it receives some data, then gets the error.

I put it up at the following URL:

I guess the array giving me the problems can be identified by using 
MacsBugs, but I'm not familiar with MacsBugs. Does anyone know how to 
identify this array?

By the way, the file is in Stuffit 5 format. It is a hotline-compatible 
client, so you can connect to any hotline server. If you are not familiar 
with hotline, just use hlserver.com as the address, and 5500 as the port. 
This version only connects to servers with a guest login available.