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From: Al Boyd <aboyd@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 99 20:53:43 -0500
>I think you're confusing FutureBasic with "C"  :-)
>In fact, if you have the "start at zero" pref set, "DIM myRecord(5)" reserves
>space for _six_ records, numbered myRecord(0) through myRecord(5).
>- Rick

I be confused...

The book; "Programming the Macintosh with FutureBasic"

In the "Array variables" chapter it states...

The following program line creates a character string
array with six elements, myName$(0) through myName$(5):

DIM myName$(6)    'create 6-elements

Has something changed?
Is this a misprint?
Is Rick be confused?


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