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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 15:49:54 -0400
>Hey, tedd-
>I can't believe that your program, copying the characters one at a time
>from the buffer into whatever data structure you might want to put them
>into could possibly be slower than the FASTEST serial connection you can
>make to your Casio...
>In other words, just grab the characters and work with them.
>There is no physical "packet" of data on your serial line...the
>characters are coming over one at a time, so just read them. I'm sure
>your program can beat the serial port by many many times. Am I not
>thinking right?


It's a mystery to me and something that I still don't fully understand.
And, I believe that it's not as simple a problem as it may appear.

At present, I get the characters one at a time from the buffer. I don't
have any problem with that. However, when I turn-on the debugger, and look
at the character stream, I find that the process is way-ahead of me at
getting the characters. In other words, it grabs a bunch of characters and
places them into a buffer. From there, I then read them one at a time from
the buffer-- which is far behind the filling-the-buffer process. As I said,
every thing works! But, if I could grab and store the entire contents of
the buffer, instead of taking it a character at a time, then I believe that
the over all performance would be improved.

So... How does one grab the contents of a buffer? How does one know how
much is in the buffer? These are the questions that I have.


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