[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Using PICT and sound files

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From: AlStaff@...
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 08:09:25 EDT
<<<<The Handbook gives a pretty thorough description of how to open a PICT 
file and read the PICT into memory associated with a handle.  How can I 
display this PICT?  Can I use PICTURE FIELD as I do with PICT resources?  Do 
I have to use CALL DRAWPICTURE or PICTURE and worry about updates myself?>>>>

I've never used picture fields, but it should work if you put "&" in front of 
the handle. If your PICT handle is called pictHndl&, do this:
PICTURE FIELD 1, &pictHndl&, rect, type

<<<<And how can I play a sound from a sound file?  Most of the sound files 
I've seen have the sound as a 'snd  ' resource number 128 so I could just get 
the resource from the file.  But it seems that not all sound files use 128.  
Is there a more general way?>>>>

sndHndl& = FN GET1INDRESOURCE (_"snd ", 1)

Al Staffieri Jr.