[futurebasic] Replies to: Array bounds, Strings..., TCP/IP Servers.

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From: Sean -G3- <mclaughlin@...>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 99 16:19:38 -0400
Phil, about "Array bounds..."
Thanks, I had always assumed that when FB reported an error (and listed 
the offending line), it would always open the offending include file. I 
did not realize that "Error on line 35" could mean line 35 of any include 
file. After I found this out, I started looking around in other places, 
and found the error.
Tedd, about "Strings, Communication..."
When I modified some stuff in your long strings package, I ended up with 
a set of functions which doesn't go character-by-character. I guess thats 
like a binary stream. It does, in fact, use ASCII. I didn't have to use 
the FN Translate$. So I can give a pointer to any function that accepts 
pointers of text (quite a few FNs I use accept pointers).

I can send you that if you want, but I don't think it would speed 
anything up. Even a 100,000 character string would take just seconds to 
read in. The serial port could never keep up. What type of mac are you on 
All, about my current project
I previously put up a page to download an alpha of my clone. I'm going to 
have to take a few minutes to make a nice page, then start posting betas 
regularly. This should happen as soon as a week from now. Most of the 
major logic-oriented bugs have been worked out. I'll probably use an ole 
geocities URL:

Once the lower-level functions are complete, I expect to add some 
interesting features.

I may make a server for it. If so, I just might break away from 
hotline-compatible protocols. Anyone have some TCP/IP functions for use 
as a server? Something which opens a port, listens for users, and 
connects to any users who request a connection.

Thanks again.

>I ran into a similar problem on a BIG project, whereby I got an "array 
>bounds error in Line number 1234", but with about 45 INCLude files, didn't
>know where to look.
>I thus wrote a small program which scanned all of the files, and listed the
>offending line in all of the INCLudes. From there, it was much easier to
>narrow down which line was being offensive.
>If you want to download the source for the program, you can, from :
>Please note that this is a kludged version of the Function / Global Hunter
>program, the source code for which is in the same directory.