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From: PRITCHA@...
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 15:17:36 +0100

>>Does anyone know how to use QuickTime to export
>>images in different formats ?  (BMP, JPEG, Photoshop, etc.)

I've seen some code for this somehwere.
RC, you're the font of all knowledge graphical, can you remember?

Mel, (anyone),
How about exporting something into a Quicktime movie?
On www.futurebasic.org, there is the utility "movie-2-pict"
which generates PICTs from a QT movie.
What I'd like to do is the opposite - generate a QT movie from a series of
I would have thought this would have been easy but I seem to lack
the requisite knowledge on the toolbox APIs....

Does anyone know whether you can have a QT movie as a resource?
And play it without the frame and control bar at the bottom?