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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 08:20:31 -0800
Apologies for the non-FB post.

 I have been advised by a tech support person that my recent disk crashes
may have been caused by a corrupted disk driver.

Has anyone installed a new disk driver on a disk that was full of data
without any problems?

First crash, I used Disk Warrior to rebuild the directory. All was fine I
thought. I initialized the problem disk after the second crash because Disk
Warrior couldn't hack it and choked on an "unexpected error", but did not
re-install a new driver.

What I was wondering, is how likely am I to end up with an inaccessible
disk if I install a new driver?

This is my internal IDE drive (ID 0) and there are two partitions on it. I
don't mind "losing" one of them, as it is empty, but I don't have enough
space to back up the other one, as it is 3 GIGs and my new drive has all my
old stuff plus the backup of the first partition. The one partition I
initialized was the one that died twice in a crash. Disk Warrior couldn't
even fix it the second time, and it was using a directory that it had made
to start with. Data Rescue still worked though. :)

Anybody installed a new driver in this situation before, and how likely am
I to lose my other partition data to a problem installing the driver? Would
be using Apple's Drive Setup, though I have Disk Drive TuneUp-SE that I
could use too.


Robert Covington