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From: UFOfreak5@...
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 00:53:03 EDT
I'm working on a program in which I store a series of double-precision 
variables in a chunk of memory I access through a handle (arrays will not do 
in this situation). I'm having a bit of trouble moving correctly this data 
with BLOCKMOVE, because I think I'm not moving the correct number of bytes. I 
read that the default number of bytes for double-precision variables was 8 
(for 12 digits of accuracy). Since I have not changed my preferences dialog 
in FBII, and checked to make sure they were the defaults anyways, I assumed 8 
bytes was how many I should be BLOCKMOVing for each variable. But I'm still 
having trouble. Does anyone know why I might be having trouble? The values I 
get when I try to retrieve the data from this string of double-precision 
variables in memory are funky....

Here's the main line of what I use, where varID is the number of the variable 
I want to retrieve the eight bytes for and thus get its value (1 being the 
first variable in memory):

BLOCKMOVE [gNumVData&]+((varID-1)*8),@dummy#,8

Any suggestions, tips, comments? I'm having trouble squishing this particular 
bug. Is there some stupid mistake I'm making and just not catching it?

Thanks for your help,