[futurebasic] Re: [FB] INCLUDE an INCLUDE (was: recurring bug)If it works though, more power to ya.

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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 05:22:26 -0700
>Works fine and has for years. Learning to do the HEAD file so I could have
>global functions was the hard part.
>Mel Patrick

You are SOOOOO Right Mel..

When Bill Michael showed me the DEF.Header File .. and ALL that 
"Complicated" Global stuff .. I thought that he had went Keyboard Happy 

Good Golly Miss Molly .. That guy SURE likes to type 

Before .. All my "UnGlobaled" Multiple Use FNs were in one .incl .. And 
all my other incl files had an incl line calling that incl file .. Short 
.. Sweet & SIMPLE ..

Then .. At Bills urging .. I ran a check on my Code in the "Built" Program

SUPRISE .. WHAT A Bloated Mess ..

EVERY TIME .. An incl file "Calls" an FN from another incl.file .. IT 
CALLS THE WHOLE DARN INCL FILE .. NOT just that one FN .. BUT .. Every FN 
in that incl.file ends up in your complied code ..

Which meant that if I used my FN Draw .. 25 times .. and my FN ColorText 
.. 20 times

ALL of my other 20 odd multiple use FNs that were in that one incl File 
were also called 45 times

Over 60% of my code was the REPETITIOUS APPEARANCE of FNs that were not 

NOW .. With a DEF.header File and all my Multi Use FNs Globaled ..The 
Code of my "Built" Program is LEAN & MEAN .. The ONLY time an FN appears 
in the Compiled code is when it is actually used .. To use a Politically 
Correct term .. "No Collateral" trash .. 

AND .. HERE is the Clincher .. AT LEAST 25% FASTER ..

'Cause there ain't all that "Garbage" Code to be read ..

ALSO .. If you use Globaled FNs .. You don't run into the problem of 
where those FNs are located in your files .. 'Cause .. On a Compile .. 
they are read/Their existance noted .. in the DEF.header file FIRST .. 
THEN the rest of the code is read

Last .. But Not Least .. This allows the advantage of a "Set" of "Proven, 
Error Free" Basic Code .. 


To start a new "Project" .. Just duplicate the folder .. Rename it and 
the Main and add your new code/incl Files

I even use a 2nd glbl.file and DEF.header so that all my Standard 
Multiuse stuff is fully independent of the rest of the Projects files .. 
That saves a LOT of time & effort when you go back and forth among the 
"Project's" unique FNs in your added incl.files ..

It IS TOUGH .. Getting the "Hang" of a DEF.header file can drive you to 
drink .. Even the use of Expletives .. Miss one "Entry" and your machine 
gets Indigestion .. BAD ..

BUT .. Once ya get it down PAT .. You'll NEVER GO BACK to the incl.file 
that calls an FN from another incl.file .. And BLOATED CODE .. You can 
bet the farm on it

Jim Henson,The Vegas Swede, (^_^) s aplenty

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