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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 12:40:42 -0400

Thanks for the offer. I downloaded your program. The application worked,
but the source code was un-readable. For example, the first few lines were:

Calendar 1.1.2
Copyright 1998 Ravi by Osamu Shigematsu, All rights reserved.
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CalendarǪ J_[ljDžB


For me, I don't understand the listing. Could you send me your FB source
code directly. Your calendar application is the size that I'm looking for.


>> There have been a few calendar programs around, namely Ross's Calendar CDEF
>> and Staz's MDEF -- but no actual algorithms. Does anyone have a function,
>> program, or algorithm that will allow the user to select dates via a
>> calendar graphic? Unfortunately for me, Ross's solution is too big and
>> Staz's solutions is too awkward (no offense) for what I want to do.
>I'v already done that work, and you can easily customize holidays in your
>environment with just change the string.
>Free sorce code is available upon your request.
>Osamu Shigematsu

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