[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Disk Initialization

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From: Mel & Carol Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 21:46:57 -0700
>How do i get a drive number ?

Here's a way when a user inserts a disk :

LOCAL FN HandleDialog
  evnt=DIALOG(0):Ref=DIALOG(evnt):'   get event type and reference
  SELECT evnt
    CASE _wndRefresh:'                    need to update a window?
      FN WndFormat(Ref):'                            go do it then
    CASE _btnClick:'                    did someone press a button
    CASE _efTab:'                           handle edit field tabs
    CASE _efShiftTab:'                              and shift tabs
    CASE _evKey:'                       keypressed, no edit fields
    CASE _cursOver:'                   see what the cursor is over
    CASE _cursEvent:'                          see where it is now
    CASE _wndClose:'                     we have to close a window
    CASE _evDiskInsert
      theDiskID=Ref:'                     save the id# of the disk

If the disk is already in the drive, ah, RND(X)?....;-)

Mel Patrick