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From: Chris.Young@...
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 09:16:50 -0500
I believe that you will need to use PlotIconSuite instead. I have some 
code that does this that I can email you privately if you wish.

Chris Young

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Subject: [FB] PLOTing icons (again)

Good people,

With some significant help from this list and the FBII examples I have 
able to "read" an icon image from the desktop database. The salient 
of code are...
  DTPBioDTBufferH& = FN NEWHANDLE _clear (_kLarge8BitIconSize)
  IF DTPBioDTBufferH& <> _nil THEN ql% = FN HLOCK(DTPBioDTBufferH&)
          ' DTPBRec.DTPBioDTBuffer is supposed to be the address of a 
          'to receive the icon image
          DTPBRec.DTPBioDTBuffer& = [DTPBioDTBufferH&]
          DTPBRec.DTPBioDTReqCount% = _kLarge8BitIconSize
          DTPBRec.DTPBioIconType% = _kLarge8BitIcon
          osErr% = FN PBDTGetIcon(DTPBRec, _false)
  ql% = FN HUNLOCK(DTPBioDTBufferH&)

then, in the calling function...

  WINDOW 2,"",(0,0)-(640,480),_DocNoGrow
  t = 32 : l = 32 : b = 64 : r = 64
  CALL PLOTCICON(theRect, icon&)   ' icon& is the value returned above 

My problem is that nothing shows up in the window. If I set icon& = FN
GETCICN(icn%) then the CALL PLOTCICON displays the icon from the 
as it should. I know that the addressing is not working right because 
debugger shows that the data in the handle dereferenced twice is all 
when I call PBDTGetIcon while the data in icon& dereferenced twice looks
like icon data when I call GETCICON.

Can any of the FB gurus give me a hint what I'm doing wrong??

Charlie Dickman

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