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From: Warren Furman <wfurman@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 06:54:19 -0500
>>Some people might
>>suggest a total reformat, but for creeping directory rot, I've always
>>found the finder's erase disk command cleans everything up just fine.
>>Good luck!

>Worked for me I think, but you may also wish to try something like Disk
>Warrior. It rebuilds a whole new directory, and replaces the old one. But I
>still had a crash on the same disk after doing that, and since I erased it
>(re-initialized), I haven't had a problem. But then I am too paranoid to
>keep many files on that disk so far.

>Robert Covington

DIskWarrior is impressive. Bought it, used it, and got hundreds of fixes -
or so it says.  Things seems to run faster, too.  But autmn leaves are back
and I'm thinking ZAP!  (Not to mention WHAM! and SOCKO!)  But can't afford
to be paranoid since all three disks are infected.

Thanks guys.  Eventually things will work out...


Best wishes,
Warren Furman/WRFdigitals

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