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From: PRITCHA@...
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 11:00:11 +0100

>On System 8.5 and a G3 (B&W and Desktop) Have not been able to test 8.5 on
>non-G3 Mac yet:

>At some point in the play of the Game (exact sequence of events still
>undetermined), Menu selections
>(i.e. File>Preferences) no longer work until the Cursor is moved into the
>region of the Menu Bar a second time. Then the acticipated response occurs
>everything works fine until another Menu Selection is made. Then same
>Say "Preferences" is selected from the File Menu. The Preference Dialog
>not appear unless the Mouse is once more moved into the Region of the Menu
>Bar. This was also necessary when making other Menu selections that called
>some activity, not just the displaying of a Dialog Box.
>Absolutely, no changes have been made to the code. Anyone have a clue?

It is a MacOS 8.5 problem. Menus do go funny on some programs
- all oldish 68K programs. I've tested this on 5320 and a G3 (B&W).

For example, the problem I have is with my very own favorite PG:PRO 4
(which I use with FBII) - the menus go wonky on the Menu Editor
- but it seems to be just cosmetic,
the program is "ok". It seems like some conflict with the Appearance
(just a guess). Does it do the same even after a re-compile?