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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 16:22:22 -0400
>>It would be nice if there was a command or statement that one could use to
>>defeat the update event caused by FB Runtime (i.e., gUpdate = _false).
>Although there's probably a better way to do it (my code is a _model_ of
>"there's a better way to do things"), I do this in my hurricane tracking
>program with two variables...
>I had bad flicker in the program when a window was closed that was in
>front of the map window and changes had been made to the map. Things are
>done like so...


I've had some similar situations. I usually set a flag up like you do and
run it through HANDLEEVENTS twice before doing what I want it to do. I
simply set the flag = _true which jumps into my FN. From there I increment
the flag and try it again, like so:

LOCAL FN doSomething
    LONG IF gFlag = 2
       'do the thing I want
       gFlag = _false
       gFlag = 2
    END IF

   LONG IF gFlag
     FN doSomething
UNTIL gHellFreezes


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